Which players can be the next Clipper head coach?

July 10, 2021 0 Comments

When the Clipper’s first head coach was announced on March 7, 2015, it was an intriguing choice.

Steve Nash, the reigning NBA MVP, had been in charge for two seasons and had a successful NBA Finals with the Phoenix Suns.

But Nash was also on the hot seat, having been suspended four games by the NBA for violating league policy.

With Nash’s suspension hanging over him, the Clippers were willing to let one of the league’s top coaches in Nash and Kevin Garnett go.

That was a significant move, considering the Clips were losing some of their top players, including guard James Ennis and forward Marcus Camby. 

“I’m not looking at it as, ‘Who would you like to coach?'” coach Steve Clifford told the Sacramento Bee at the time.

“This is about what you think is the best way to help the organization win.

The last thing we need to do is lose any of our guys.” 

Clifford’s decision to let Nash go is often referred to as the Clutch Factor, a term that loosely translates to “the clutch factor” or “the team’s clutch factor.” 

“Steve is very good at finding good players and getting them to play well together,” forward James Ennesi told The Sacramento Bee.

“We’re always looking for guys who have a great attitude and are willing to put the team first.” 

As part of his move, Clifford was also allowed to name the players he would be hiring. 

But the decision did not sit well with Clipper fans.

Some of those fans were outraged at the decision to give Nash and Garnett a chance to succeed, arguing that Nash had already proven his worth by winning a championship with the Suns. 

Clipper fans were also furious at Clifford for letting them lose the core of their team, which included three players who would become key contributors to the Clippards future success. 

In the end, Clipper President Michael Hsu decided to let both Nash and his replacement, Kevin Garnet, walk away. 

However, the fact that Clifford chose to let those two players walk away, and that he also made the decision for the team’s long-term success, is not something that should be overlooked. 

As a head coach, Clippers fans would like nothing more than to see Nash return, and they would love to see his team succeed. 

When it comes to selecting a head basketball coach, the decision is often made in the spring and fall. 

This season, Clippers fans have been given the chance to make that call. 

The NBA season is only three months away, but the Claws are already in the final weeks of the regular season, so it will be interesting to see if Clifford can put together a team that can beat the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

If Clifford can’t win this series, he could be in for some tough questions.

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