Buffalo Bills coach keychain (2014)

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On a cool, breezy morning in late January, the Buffalo Bills coaches were preparing to depart for a game.

They’d just gotten their first victory of the season, and they’d played well enough to make a late push for a playoff spot.

But a new issue was catching up to them.

It was time to change the keychain.

The Bills were already using the same old coach keychains for their players, but they’d never put them in a different color.

So the team came up with a bold design that would make them stand out.

The team decided to use a different design for each player, and to have the key chain reflect their personality and the way they play.

“It was the first time we actually started designing things,” coach Rex Ryan told me.

“And the first thing we said is, ‘What are we doing with the keys?

Why aren’t we using the key chains for our players?'”

The first design was for defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

It featured a red-orange keychain with a blue-green design for the players’ helmets.

The second design was designed by the team’s owner and his staff.

It used the same color palette but had a gold-gray keychain that featured the team crest, which would also be featured on the keychains worn by the players.

“The team’s not doing a whole lot of marketing around this, so I think the players were very much interested in it,” Ryan said.

“They wanted to wear their key chains on their helmets.

It just so happened that we had the same team crest on our helmets that we did on ours.

So we were kind of the first ones who did it.”

The second keychain was a lot more functional.

It had three rows of five key chains, and the team decided they needed to change up the design.

Instead of the blue-greens and gold-grays of the original design, they decided to go with the gold-purple of the gold keychain instead.

“We’re not going to use it as a novelty,” Ryan told reporters.

“This is going to be a real keychain.”

“It’s going to look cool,” he added.

“There’s no way to go wrong with it.

It’s a real iconic look.”

“And it’s a really unique look,” Schwartz added.

The design is now part of the team mascot, which is the Buffalo Sabres.

When the team unveiled its logo, Ryan and his team were so impressed by the design that they wanted to incorporate it into their new uniforms.

“When we got the idea to incorporate the Sabres logo into the uniforms, we thought we had a great idea,” he said.

But when they got the design for their new logo, the design was more than a little different.

“In the end, we went back and tweaked it a bit and it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind,” he explained.

“That was something we were a little concerned about because we felt that we were using too much of the same material, and that was a little bit disappointing.

We wanted to be able to have a different look.

We decided to take a look at it again and we saw that the material had changed and the design looked a little more modern and modern, and I think that really helped us out.”

The design went into full production and was unveiled in the spring of 2015.

And for the first few weeks of the new logo’s life, the Bills had a massive amount of interest.

They had players wearing the new design, fans wearing the keyboards, and even people from other teams wearing them.

They even had players from the Dallas Cowboys wear one.

“From our end, it was all about the fans,” Ryan added.

He also explained that they knew that the team was going to need to be more creative with the new keychain design and wanted to find a way to incorporate their fans’ love for the logo into their uniforms.

And they found a way.

“Our design has never really been a focus for us,” he continued.

“What we do on a daily basis is we’re trying to come up with ideas for what we’re going to do for the next couple of months, and so this was a great way to do it.”

It’s been a long road for this design.

The keychain itself was a collaboration between the team and Adidas, the company that designed the Bills’ first football jerseys.

They made the key and helmet pieces, and then designed the keycap and the other elements on the back.

The jersey itself, however, was a complete reworking of the Buffalo’s first-ever football jersey.

The Buffalo Bills logo was first created in 1993.

By 2004, the logo had evolved to include an image of a buffalo that is a part of a theme of the football team.

The logo was created by the Buffalo Bill’s design team, which included Nike’s head of football design, Jim W

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