How to Make Your Coaching Job Great for You

How to Become a Coaching Coach.

This is a quick guide to becoming a good one. 

Coaching is the art of helping people to achieve a common goal or goals that you yourself would love to achieve. 

It’s like a job for those who like to help people, and those who want to help themselves. 

The way you do it can be a huge difference in your personal development and career. 


Make Your Career A Priority I know, I know, you probably want to be a career coach, but you’ve got to take responsibility for yourself. 

You can’t go on a coaching trip and then sit in a hotel room and listen to the other person’s stories without having your own. 

And, even if you’re not a coach, you need to do it. 

“I want to see more people succeed in their careers,” says Kelly Wylie, a former Fortune 500 CEO and CEO of a small marketing agency. 

 “When I’m in the room with someone, I feel like they’re the most important person in the world.” 


Build Your Network The first step is to connect with people in the same industry. 

That’s important because it gives you a sense of connection and confidence. 

Think of it as the “in” crowd. 

When you have the opportunity to interact with people who have similar interests, you’re going to have a greater chance of connecting with those who have a similar career goals. 


Be Specific In your career interview, ask the person you’re interviewing, “What are you passionate about?” 

“What are your biggest strengths?” 

“How would you describe yourself?

What are you most passionate about?” 

You’re going in with a goal in mind and the person is going to know what you’re looking for. 

For example, in a recent interview, a woman who was hired to help her company increase productivity was asked, “I’d love to get more women into management, so how would you help me make that happen?” 

That is, she was specifically asking about women in leadership, specifically women who were already doing it.4. 

Ask Them What They Want If you’re a person who wants to be successful in your career, you have to find the right person. 

Don’t settle for someone who is not interested in what you have going for you. 

They’ll not be interested in how you’re making progress, so ask them what they want from you.

For example, when someone asked a woman to help with a project, she wanted to know if she could give her advice on what she should do next. 

If she said no, she didn’t know if they’d want to work together. 

She wanted to hear what her advice was. 

Then, if she said yes, they were more open to working together.


Create Opportunities Being a coach can be one of the biggest opportunities you’ll have in your life. 

As you grow, your career becomes more and more interesting, and that’s the reason why it’s so important to connect and develop a connection with people. 

Do you want to become a coach? 

If so, then you need 1) a coach to coach you, and 2) a coaching network to connect you with people you’ll eventually want to coach. 

How do you become a good coach?

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